Shenzhen Golf Club

Shenzhen, Guandong
A-3542 y, B-3532 y, C-3637 y.
27 holes
Opened: 2000

Golf in the city

Originally designed by Isao Aoki and opened in 1985 prior to the China golf boom, Shenzhen Golf Club is one of China's oldest golf courses. The layout enjoys an unparalleled site in the middle of the city of Shenzhen and is the closest course to the Hong Kong border. The fast growing cityscape of Shenzhen surrounds the course on all sides and makes for a surreal golfing experience.

N&H were engaged in 1997 to redesign the golf course to improve playing conditions and the overall golf experience. The success of the project depended upon the new design being challenging, playable and visually stunning, as well as having first rate playing surfaces and drainage. The re-construction of the course was completed in 2000 and opened with an international Ryder Cup-style tournament featuring top players from China playing against the Rest of the World.

The course is consistently recognised as one of the best courses in Shenzhen.

Construction Credits:

Golf Course Construction: Global Golf Engineering

Construction Superintendent: Steve Alexander

Lead Shaper: Theron Knapp