Moose Run GC - Creek Course

Anchorage, Alaska
Course Web Site
7,324 yards
18 holes / Par 72
Opened: 2000

The Hill Course and the Creek Course at Moose Run make-up the World's northern-most 36-hole golf course. The Creek Course takes its name from Ship Creek that meanders through and alongside some of the holes. Tucked in at the base of the Chugach Mountains, the course has some beautiful views of this mountain range. A game of golf at Moose Run is often like a trip to a wildlife sanctuary. Golfers may see both brown and black bear, fox, wolf, lynx, bald eagle and, of course, moose. Photo opportunities abound and many golfers are seen with their cameras at the ready.

While Moose Run Golf Course is a military course it is open to the civilian community and the many tourists that come here each year to challenge the “Best Course in Alaska," "Best U. S. Military Golf Course," and one of the top "50 Most Difficult Golf Courses in America" (Golf Digest).

Nelson & Haworth was awarded the commission to design the course by the client, the Army Corps of Engineers, as a result of a design/build competition against 11 other entries from across the United States and internationally. N&H was selected based on the strength of the design, minimum disturbance to the environment and moose habitat, and by staying within a strict budget.

Ship Creek, a rapidly flowing riparian stream, is the focal point of the design of the course because of its volatile nature and its tendency to change course and overflow its banks every season. The design solutions for the golf holes bordering Ship Creek, as well as the preserved animal habitats have won numerous environmental awards nationally and in the State of Alaska.

Construction Credits:

Lead Contractor - Goodfellow Brothers (Ben Northey, Project Superintendent)

Golf Contractor - Wadsworth Golf Construction (Tom Shapland, Project Coordinator)

Shaper - Wadsworth Golf Construction