Ewa Beach International GC

Oahu, Hawaii
Course Web Site www.ewabeachgc.com
6,541 yards
18 holes / Par 72
Opened: 1992

from dumping ground to award winning golf course

Situated on a 130-acre, flat, coral encrusted kiawe forest, the Ewa Beach International property had deteriorated into a dumping ground for old cars and other household items. The only irrigation water available was from the aquifer on-site, which was extremely brackish. An extensive ground water lake system was built and a new revolutionary water-skimming system was devised by Tom Nance Water Resources to capture the freshest water available. This water was still very brackish and N&H introduced Seashore Paspalum into the Hawaiian Islands at Ewa Beach for the first time to cope with the extreme conditions. The course won the prestigious "Design Excellence Award" from the American Society of Landscape Architects a year after it opened in 1993.

Ewa Beach Golf Club has design features that are reminiscent of a traditional Scottish links layout. The layout is designed so the outward nine to takes you away from the clubhouse and you return to the clubhouse on the inward nine. Another feature reminiscent of a Scottish links layout is the double green located on Holes #2 and #16. This double green is the only on the island of Oahu. The links layout similarities end as Ewa Beach Golf Club is created out of a Kiawe Forrest. Tree lined fairways put a premium on driving accuracy. The addition of fairway bunkers and water hazards make Ewa Beach Golf Club a challenging experience.

Construction Credits:

Golf Course Contractor - Wadsworth Golf Construction

Shapers - Mike Hathcock, Art Keali